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Monday, December 26, 2011

111226 Gifts, Thankfulness, and Goals

Christmas is over. Kwanza has started. Hanukkah has two more evenings. Pagan celebrations continue into the New Year. Twelthnight is January 6th. Yesterday, I went to see my dad. He is well, and extremely fit for an eighty-six year old man. Everyone who has a good dad says that their dad is the best. Mine is the best. I don’t always agree with people, and my dad is no exception. When he talks of money, however, I listen with both ears. He is still as concerned about my financial situation as he was when I left home at age eighteen. Our visit yesterday included the bi-monthly lecture on retirement savings and budgets. I nodded a lot, and said that I am simplifying my life and working on starting my own business. My minister is also a good source for financial information. He used to tell me that I needed more income, but last week he revealed that he was starting to see my position. No one makes demands of me, because they know I have no money. Because he has been a successful middle class businessman, everyone expects him to give elaborate and/or expensive gifts. This year, he surprised me by giving me a book called, The Illustrated Word - a collection of original drawings. I was surprised, blessed, and effusive in my thanks. I was not expecting anything from him. He told me that I showed far more thankfulness than his business associates showed him for gifts that were four or five times more expensive. Some people seem to believe that ‘gifts’ are their ‘right’ by association. Not me. I’ve learned that the givers of gifts and recognitions are more than a little fickle. Once I put forth the effort to divorce myself from needing either, I could become excited, thankful, and supremely blessed with each gift and every word of praise.

I must admit, however, that praise means far more than things, and recognition buoys me for days, and sometimes for years.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a card or gift. One online friend sent something with no return address, so I was not able to send anything back! :’( That saddened me, but I asked God to bless her on my behalf.

When the year turns, many people set goals or see the new year as a fresh start. I do it, too, but do not feel tied to an exact day. Today, I started a diet, and today, I shall be meeting a possible new customer for Herbalife.

My goals for 2012 include:

gain 25 regular customers this year
reach my goal weight
walk without pain
pursue regular strength training
start high school for the younger

Be at peace. The world can’t give it to you, so you have to find it for yourself.


  1. If I'm the online friend with no return address, it's because I didn't want you to feel you had to send anything in return *hugs* I just wanted to brighten up your day a bit. You've been through a lot, my friend and it's frustrating being so far apart and unable to help you or comfort you. I know you enjoy coffee, so I figured perhaps you can enjoy a cup of Norwish brew and be happy for a few ;-)

    Here's to hoping 2012 is a good year for both of us! *cheers*

  2. If your address is them same, you should be getting something. I sent it too late to arrive on time.

  3. It is the same. You really shouldn't have, you know! Of course, now I'll be checking the mail constantly :P

    Snail mail is extra slow-going this time of year. I'll let you know when it gets here =)