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Monday, January 9, 2012

120109 Skewed

"...a study was done in 2008 by Arthur Brooks, a Syracuse University professor who discovered, much to his chagrin, that "evil" conservatives contribute about 30 percent more to charities than our oh-so-caring liberal counterparts:

'When I started doing research on charity, I expected to find that political liberals — who, I believed, genuinely cared more about others than conservatives did — would turn out to be the most privately charitable people, he said. "So when my early findings led me to the opposite conclusion, I assumed I had made some sort of technical error. I re-ran analyses. I got new data. Nothing worked. In the end, I had no option but to change my views.'

But it gets worse, comrades. Conservatives donated more to charity — despite the fact that liberal family incomes were 6 percent higher on average." --Arnold Ahlert

Some people hate to hear the truth. Watched a video of an old TV show last night. The antagonist was homeschooled. Writers should do their own studies. How many people in federal prison were actually homeschooled? Well, I know one who thought is was a good idea, but he himself went to public school. How many people in federal prisons went to public school? Uh huh.

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