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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

130129 Rabbits and Essential Oils

Today, I posted this to the Oil Testimonial site:

Pet Health With Essential Oils
My children wanted bunny rabbits as pets. They did research, bought some bunnies from a reputable pet store, and set up a cage and play area. After a few weeks, one of the bunnies developed a red eye with puss. The Pet MD site said to take the animal to the vet immediately. We wanted to do this naturally, so I pulled out my oils. I had already put a drop of Purification on each to repel/kill fleas, ticks, and mites. Purification still seemed the best option, so I brushed additional drops into the rabbit’s fur and sprinkled some into her bedding. She let me use a wet cloth to remove the puss. It did not reappear, and in two days her eyes returned to normal. A week later, she is active and eating well. The other two rabbits never showed any symptoms at all.

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  1. Now that is quite extraordinary. Those oils are really doing their job =)