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Thursday, January 24, 2013

130124 Bunnies

We have bunnies. I love bunnies. Moon loves bunnies. Agent loves bunnies, but doesn't like how they suck all our attention away from her.


They are only about 9 weeks old. The lion's head on the left is "Dynamite". (Yes, that's a movie reference,) The Lop in the middle is "Sylph", (from a computer game).. The Lop on the lower right is referred to as "boy bunny", because the other two are female. I don't know if Agent has given it a permanent name it yet. We're going to make a big play area for them, because we love to watch them run around and do silly things. I used to be so cynical about pets, but these little bunnies make me smile.

An oil blend called Purification kills fleas and ticks, so I'm using it on them.

Dog hated the smell, but the bunnies don't act like they mind at all.

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