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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

141216 Holiday Food Crosspost

TexMex tradition = tamales at Christmas. I have already ordered mine, but won't get to eat any. Masa (corn flour used in tamales) has too many carbs. The rest of the family will enjoy them while I munch on tortilla-less barbacoa. Why is food so infused into all our traditions?

This year, I bought a turkey, too. Turkey is carb-free. I won't make any dressing for it, and the soup I make from the leftovers has no flour, no potatoes, and no corn. I usually add broccoli and spices to the broth and enjoy.

I discovered that pumpkin thickens like flour, so maybe I'll add that to the broth.

Pumpkin brings me to pie. My favorite is not pumpkin. Mincemeat is, (sigh). Pumpkin is sweet on its own. Because of gluten problems, I gave up pie crust a long time ago. Two decades ago, I started making custards instead of pie. My children LOVED pumpkin custard. Use the pie recipe and put in custard dishes instead of a pie pan. Cut the bake time in half, or monitor until done. The can of pumpkin has the recipe on the inside of the label, and one just needs to make the appropriate substitutions.

I quit making the custard, and just eat the pumpkin. Every year, a local church sells pumpkins for less than what the grocery store charges. The smallest ones make good pies, and the big ones are good with butter. Not everyone is good with cooking and storing fresh pumpkin, so look for the cans with no added sugar nor spice. My grocery store sells cans of pumpkin in the baking isle. 

When I keep my carbs evenly spread among the meals, I can have 1/2 cup of pumpkin mush a couple of times a week. I usually put it into my chicken soup, which will be turkey soup in January... 

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