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Thursday, December 18, 2014

141218 Atkins Crosspost

141218 Morning BG Is One Ten.
...and I feel nauseous. I ate nuts yesterday. My intestines feel wobbly today. I'm guessing that nuts don't work for me. This is the first time in two days that my blood glucose levels got out of the normal range. 

Unlike some people, constipation is not my problem. I went to the doctor for gas and diarrhea in the early 1990s. He said it was I BS and put me on a high fiber diet, which included lots of wheat bran. The condition became much, much worse, but I had neither money, nor insurance to go back to the doctor.
Five or six years later, I read ER4YT, The runs quit, because I eliminated all wheat, rye, barley, oats. etc. from my diet. Bye, bye cow's milk products, which ended the stinky gas. My intestines loved me until panceatitis and gall bladder surgery in 2010. Then once again, I had the runs for two years. This time, it was certain fats that caused it. Through process of elimination, I found that I have to be careful with olive oil. I can't even touch corn, canola, or peanut oils. Chicken fat can send me running, as does pork. 

"How could I do the Atkins?" one may ask. Well, beef and tallow give me no problem whatsoever. I've learned to love steak. That certainly goes against common thought. Coconut oil is a Godsend. I use it for everything, because again, it causes no intestinal backlash. Eggs are cheap, versatile, and cause no backlash. One strip of bacon keeps things moving for me.

For meals, I follow a list I made for myself, but I hate recording what I ate afterwards. Perhaps I shall attempt it and post it here. I designed my personal diet so that I would not have to think too much about what to eat. When I am hungry and have to think, I get frustrated and pop things into my mouth. I am attempting to break 20 year of training and 36 years of habit here!

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