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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

141223 I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

Somewhere today, someone is having a birthday  I know, because I had a friend in high school whose birthday was today. Such people often feel somewhat cheated. That's not what brings me down. My daughter and I simply can't stand the lack of sunshine, and overly happy people drive me insane. My other daughter asks me why I hate the holidays, but love all the songs? Well, the important songs are "O Holy Night", "O Little Town of Bethlehem", and "Angels We Have Heard On High". I can also sing parts of "The Messiah".

Do all holidays involve food? At least the turkey conforms. My turkey soup has a blend of spices, turkey and broccoli. I boil the bones in a gallon of water and 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar. This leaches the calcium out of the bones and deposits it into the soup. It also dissolves the tiny little bones that try to choke people. Then, I remove the softened bones and give them to the dog, because it is safe for her to eat their crumbly remains. I can eat this stuff every day. Sweet potatoes and mincemeat mock me. I may have the need for cranberry sauce licked. I accidentally made some sauce without sugar. Everyone gagged, but I found it quite invigorating.

Why do I do the vinegar thing with the bones? I am lactose intolerant. Broccoli, greens, and that trick with bones are a lot less expensive than taking calcium supplements. I'm also gluten intolerant and diabetic. Shouldn't that be motivation enough to stay on this diet?


  1. *hugs* food intolerance and diabetes can suck the joy out of anyone.
    We got snow yesterday. The first real snow down here by the coast. Up at the farm it's been white a while. The snow takes away some of the darkness and even though I don't handle the cold well, I still enjoy the blue light the snow makes

  2. Ooo It lets me comment. Whee! For about a month, now, I've been unable to comment on your blog