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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Have One Follower...

…and her name is “Moon”. Do you know why it appears that the moon follows you wherever you go? It is so far away from the earth, that one’s perspective is pretty much the same wherever goes while on the earth. The sun and the stars have that same illusion. The planets, however, move in relationship to the earth and sun. The word ‘planet’ means ‘wanderer’. Planets appear to wander across the sky when tracked regularly. God did this so that early man could track time. He knew that we would eventually make clocks and electric lights that would obscure the stars, the planets, and even the moon, but for most of the history of man, these nighttime lights were our time keepers.


  1. Cara follows me! *happy dance* Moon follows another blog, and can't be bothered to view more than one. :(

  2. Moon is a teenager, she should not really want to read the blogs of the ancients :P