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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Writer's Block: Conversion Rate

"Have you ever considered converting to another religion?"

Sure. I checked out quite a few of them. I cycled through the top five: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. For awhile, Star Trek was my religion. Star Wars came close, and the Stargate universe captured my attention. Paganism was fascinating. Asatru, rather than the Egyption pantheon, was my favorite. (That's why I have Thor's Hammer.) It was happy and fun and had a good system of values. There was, however, a roadblock. In my journeyings, I had become born again. Try as I might, I could not get God's seed out of me. Therefore, while I can talk intelligently concerning many religions, and have true affection for some, I have Christ in me, the hope of glory. (Colosians 1:27)

Sunday, I'm teaching on the conversion of Paul! This is a well timed Writer's Block!


  1. No, not really. I've considered and tried being without religion. I consider myself a Christian today, but for many years I wrongly accused God for all the hypocrisy and bad stuff done in his name. It finally dawned on me one day that it was men that was at the root of my issues with religion and not God.

    I respect other religions, I don't believe that there is only one true religion. God is God, regardless of what church you go to or what type of Christian or religious person you call yourself. If you keep God in your heart and you work honestly at being the best you can be for yourself and those around you, I think he will know. I think that is more important than what you name your belief or what church you belong to, if any.

  2. [quote]Sunday, I'm teaching on the conversion of Paul! This is a well timed Writer's Block[/quote]

    Sounds interesting. Where will you be teaching?

  3. To our congregation, which is not large. It's still an honor and a pleasure to teach.