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Saturday, December 5, 2015

151205 Gun Control

 Answer to gun control advocate:
Be blessed. You bless me by giving me a chance to speak the Word. Putting your faith into anything other than God will disappoint you. Christ was not "tolerant" as we know that word today, and spoke of far, far more than just tolerance and love. He held to the standard of God's Word, taught it boldly, and was quite intolerant of those who didn't let others live according to God's Word. His service did not end in death, because God raised him from the dead to bring humans into the Age of Grace. My fervent desire is to bring all of my opinions, beliefs, and actions into alignment and harmony with God's rightly-divided Word. (2 Timothy 2:15) According to God's Word, we need to speak: Acts 5:20; and love: Ephesians 4:15; but we also need to keep watch: 1 Peter 5:8. There are many, many more verses and passages from both OT and NT, but these are a sample. Every verse must fit with all the others, and it takes diligent study. My thirty-four years of research has repeatedly shown me that people kill people. Removing one tool simply allows the Adversary the option to produce other tools to replace them. Disarming the law-abiding will not stop the those who disregard the law. It simply gives law-breakers more opportunity to use a multitude of other tools. Historically, an unarmed populous has been a subjugated populous. Ecclesiastes 1:9

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