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Friday, September 13, 2013

130913 Career Decisions

At the age of nineteen, and after three semesters of college, I realized that while I really liked engineers, engineering was not my cup of tea. I loved the science; I loved seeing how things worked; I loved making things work, but what it took to get there was not only arduous, but somewhat boring. That summer, my dad encouraged me to work for a mining company. Again, I loved the engineers, but now I discovered what their support staff did.

This was the 1970s, and personal computers were still in the process of being born. What computers do now, people did by hand. What they did, fascinated me. Drawing with instruments? It was as if art and science met! I asked a drafter where she learned to do what she did, and my first career was conceived.

Moon once said that she loved buildings. Now that she has had a few semesters in an architecture program, she doubts the career choice. I understand. Sometimes, what looks good on the outside actually smells bad on the inside. Getting there is not the same as being there. Like engineering was for me, architecture is becoming for her. When she solidifies what direction to take, she’ll let us know. She has many educational loves. She’ll find something and obtain her degree.

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